Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Lately there have been little things getting under my skin. Things at X Mag, people on the street, people who neglect personal hygiene on the subway (yea, gross), cashiers at stores, this intolerable heat wave, etc. But in the past week or so, I keep constantly reminding myself that you really cannot sweat the small stuff. If you let all these little things get in the way of you having a smooth, terrific day, you'd be walking around upset all the time. So I keep trying to remind myself, if something doesn't go the right way (like the A "Express" (what a joke) train taking 25 minutes today to reach 14th st), get over it. Sure, I sweat my @$$ off on that platform that was over 100 degrees but you know what? I eventually reached my destination, and that was that. On the topic of this heat, I'm convinced Mexico has relocated to New York City. Actually, I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure it was hotter here than Mexico the past two days. Ridiculous. Painful to inhale. Feels like a giant sauna (if only the outdoor air was pampering like a spa/sauna). Well, in sync with the current weather, I'm saying, Don't. Sweat. The. Small. Stuff...and it's all small stuff most of the time. Ya can't fret about everything and you also can't let everything get on your nerves. Patience is a virtue.
Besides all of this, I had a fanfreakingtastic 4th of July weekend. Got out of work early Friday, had McDonald's Saturday (yes, this was a highlight of the weekend because it's only the second time I've had fast food here compared to 3-4 times a week in college), went to Coney Island Sunday (no, we did not see the ex-champ get arrested at Nathan's), watched the most amazing fireworks I've ever seen, and crashed a hotel pool Monday to cool off. Well, that was a mouthful, huh? But what a great 4-day lineup I had.
And then...Tuesday morning rolled around. Had an errand to run for X Mag. Set out on the train...success. Store I needed to go Reason: remodeling. Traveled way back uptown to another location, did what I had to, hopped in a cab back to the office due to the extreme heat and frustration and unbelievable bonus: The taxi driver turned the meter off for me! I think that's the nicest thing any New Yorker has done for me yet! We started chatting and the second I said, "Yeaaa, I make peanuts here," I caught his pointer finger reaching for the button on his dash. SO nice. Ok, I might be able to get used to the people here afterall...

In the meantime...Would You Wear/Do You Own...

Harem pants? So mine are not Vivienne Westwood like the ones pictured here...just some $5 H & M ones I snagged on clearance Saturday. But I'm a bit hesitant to try 'em....

PS-Lady Gaga Has More Friends Than You!


  1. "people who neglect personal hygiene on the subway" ugh, yuck! sounds like such a busy but pretty fun weekend :) yup, don't sweat the small stuff! ah, it's nice and warm up where you live, but it's freezing cold here in melbourne! no, i actually don't own harem pants! i don't reckon they'd suit me all the well because let's just say i'm not the world's tallest person! but they'd look good on a lot of other people :) and they look super comfy!

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  3. i was a bit hesitant with the harem pants trend as well.. but as long as you keep the top simple, then it wouldn't be too overwhelming!! :D

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