Thursday, 10 June 2010

At Last

Finally. I've sat here for the past week and a half in my mini studio apartment, if you will, trying to come up with some witty, catchy, cute title for my blog and now, I've settled. It's really quite ridiculous because it's just a name. The content is what will really matter, right? So as I'm lying on my cozy, down comforter bed, staring at the bright red New Yorker Hotel sign that's staring right back at me, there are hundreds of thoughts, moments, and ideas that are flying by each other in my head. It's such a relief to finally be able to just type away and let my hands do the talking. But wait, let's pump the brakes for a second, I don't want to get to Carrie Bradshaw. Sure, I'm all about being quizzical and tilting my head one way and pondering something for a while, but that's not what this is about. I feel like I have to set some guidelines for myself, seeing that this is my first, real, big-girl, blog. But before I do, here's a brief intro about myself. I'm a Midwesterner from a small town in the Big Mitten. Ha.
I've always dreamed of moving/living in NYC and's here. For the past two weeks, I've been falling in love...or maybe it's just a major infatuation for now. I can't get over this place. Anything from weaseling my way thru the morning commuters in Penn Station to sprawling out in the fresh, green lawn in Sheep Meadow in the park to the dazzling nightlife, I love taking in each and every minute.
So what am I doing here? Well, I'm not really at liberty to say however I'm aching to share my stories at the office. For now, let's just say I work at a magazine and from here on out, I'll refer to that as X Mag. Sorta like "The Nanny Diaries" with Mrs. X...that worked, right? Characters' names in my stories will also be withheld but I'm promising I will do my best to share the closest to the truth. Anyways, I landed this awesome job, or as many have put it, "every girl's dream job," by simply sending my cover letter and resume out back in February. It really was that simple. No, I did not know anyone or have some "in" like the rest. It was just purely me going out on a limb and giving it my best shot. Here I am. Three months later and saying goodnight to the city that doesn't sleep each night. It really didn't seem real at first. But now, it's becoming a routine and it's only the closing of week 2 tomorrow. We've probably all heard it a bajillion times but it really is the absolute truth: New York City has so much to offer. There are so many different walks of life here. It's a big change to go from a small city that is probably as big as 10 blocks here, if that. I made a remark to my friend that you literally feel like one day is really three days. I go so many places (well, on the weekends at least) and see so many different things in 24 hours, that I don't feel like I'm in the same, single place. It's crazy. Central Park. SoHo. Meatpacking. Midtown. It's so exhilarating to be able to pop in one neighborhood and be in the next 10 minutes later by train.
Oh! The subway-before I forget. So I was super overwhelmed 2 weeks ago because there are so many freaking lines and colors and numbers and ahhh but now I can say with confidence, I'm starting to nail it...yes, without the assistance from my HopStop app. And while on the subject of the subway, it's one of my favorite places or things about the city. Not only am I very intrigued by the intricate system and how it all works but also by the people who ride it. One day I'm going to just strike up a conversation with some random rider, I swear. I feel like once you step thru those shiny doors, your lips are sealed until your stop. Even if you're with someone. Everyone is silent, probably thinking about their meeting they're running late to, or when they have to pick up their kids, or how exhausted they are, or what groceries they have to buy. If I were to ride a bus or something at home, I definitely think people would chat or strike up a conversation. So, each day, I enter, listen to my Ipod and tap my toes, and exit. Exit thinking about what the other people were thinking about-that's the thing. Like I leave the subway with lingering thoughts? Is that weird? I think so. I can't help but think about the people I encounter, ya know? Ok, I'm getting "Carried" away here. Focus.
As I record my new daily lifestyle, I really hope not to complain too much. Sure, it's easy to vent once you start typing. Like when you're catching up with a friend or sibling (my sister and I do this all the time) and you just jump from one subject to the next, inserting little complaints here and there. But that is ok. Because why stay bottled up? Am I contradicting myself? A bit. Well, hopefully my daily rundowns aren't over-the-top with the venting. Another rule I should follow: limiting my posts. Like this one, look at how long it's gotten. Ridiculous. I just can't stop cranking it out. Probably because I've been wanting to start this for the past 9 nights and it hadn't happened. And lastly, I want to create a variety of posts. Sure, I'll share anecdotes and other odds and ends but also post random, out of the ordinary things, and of course, fashion updates. "Happy, happy fashion-there is not much more to it than that." (Marc Jacobs)
So without rereading this post or editing (which I always do!), I'm hitting publish and tossing my blog virginity card out. It's almost 2 a.m. and these days my Blackberry goes off at 7:30. Yikes. I'm thinking the coffee will be need to be extra strong in the a.m. and the speed walking will shift into high gear. Cheers to life in the Big last!

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