Monday, 14 June 2010

Swallowed My Pride

Burnt my waffles. Got on the wrong train. Mixup at the Dr.'s office. Channel 4 aka ABC aka The Bachelorette wasn't working. Twitter is "over capacity." Needless to say, it's been a rough day off. I don't work Mondays, which is sort of an awkward day off if you ask me-it's kind of backwards and I'd rather start my 3-day weekend on Fridays. Anyways, I had planned on crossing things off my to-do list like hitting up Whole Foods (check), laundry (fail), poster store (fail), printing pics (fail), etc., etc. Instead, my day was turned upside down because I had to go to an urgent care clinic for an ongoing issue (no worries, nothing serious).
So I'm totally new to the city and I can't imagine how many clinics and Drs there are here, so of course, I just typed in "urgent care nyc" into Google. I found the one closest to me and made an appointment...after calling my mom about 12 times to discuss insurance, the clinic, and so on. After the most frustrating conversation with a receptionist I've probably ever had, and seeing a Dr. that didn't help me at all besides giving me 2 other Dr.'s numbers that could help, I left the building not having any idea where the nearest train station was or which line to take back to my place. I really really hate having to whip out The Map because I hate making myself appear to be a tourist in a place where I'm really not one anymore. And I also really hate asking an MTA employee. What I really like is to challenge myself and try to find the right route. I figure this is the best way to learn. Well, I wasn't in the mood to put myself up to this feat today when I was way Uptown (the clinic was not as close as Google Maps made it seem) and I was about to collapse.
Exhausted, with a throbbing foot (part of the problem), I shuffled over to the MTA worker and asked how to get home. I did it. Probably one of the few times I have thus far. And she probably saved me alot of time and frustration. Might I also add that earlier in the day when en route to Whole Foods, I came up from the stairs of the station looking incredibly confused on which direction to turn (as usual), so just took a guess (also as usual) and turned right. When Whole Foods wasn't in sight, I swallowed my pride and asked a random girl walking by. She replied with, "Yea, it's right there." And I immediately felt like the biggest idiot because the big, green letters were about 1/4 block away from me. But you know what I realized? Who cares if I have to ask people for directions? The fact of the matter is that I am a newbie here and I don't know my way around all of town. Sure, I know some areas better than others but it's impossible to know it all in 2 weeks. And as I walked away from her, I was still a little ruffled that I had to ask a passerby but why? I'm never going to see her again and she was a great help. So my lesson of the day is when in doubt, ask and don't pout. It's really not a big deal.

In the meantime, things I'm loving right now:

1) Michael Kors was inducted into the FiFi Hall of Fame at the annual award show (FiFi Awards are like the Oscars for fragrances) on Thursday night

2) Scarlett Johansson winning her first award last night (Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play Onstage) at the 64th Tony Awards and looking very glamorous with her updo

3) American Apparel's new long n loose button down available in a variety of colors

Not so much:

1) Kim Kardash's updo at the FiFi awards...too intense and much better on ScarJo

2) The operator on the Times Square Shuttle refusing to open the doors on the side of the platform where many people were waiting, making everyone rush up the stairs over to the other side (Why? I don't know. He said to "blame the MTA booth worker for not turning off the sign..Whatever)

3) Getting into the habit of staying up late and hitting snooze way too many times in the am.

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