Monday, 28 June 2010

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

Today marked the beginning of my 4th week here. So crazy. Time has seriously flown by. I'm definitely still getting acquainted, trying to figure out which neighborhoods I like to roam around the most, shop in, dine in, and so forth. I don't think I can really pick just one though. Also, today I realized there are certain moments that I really feel like I'm here, like actually living and working here. It does seem sort of surreal still when I take a step back and think about it. But these quick minutes or so are great reminders of how happy and fortunate I am to be here. For instance, today I was making my usual trek down to Penn station, passing the same places, and many of the same people who are always outside their offices smoking (yuck), and some song came on my Ipod (if I remembered I'd share) that just caused me to have an extra jolt of energy in my step and made something go off in my head that was saying, "You're in New York City! Be Happy! Look around!" Not that I'm not happy by any means but Mondays can be tough because I tend to hang in my cool apartment at a standstill since I have the day off. And I really like to constantly be on the go and fill my days here, but today was as hot as the Sahara out there, so I stayed indoors as much as I could. Chilling (literally) in my apartment is great and relaxing but when doing so, I tend to start over-thinking unnecessary things and what not, ya know? Overall, getting out of my white box was exhilarating today and for some reason, venturing down the street particularly reminded me that I am creating an amazing life here and still have so much to learn, see, and do.
In the meantime, things I'm loving right now:

1. Meeting Rumi from Fashion Toast at the Forever 21 Launch Party Thursday night!

2. Clear mascara. Perfect for keeping your curl but not as heavy looking as black (although I love caking that on without anything else at times) and won't smudge and show when it's scorching hot.

3. La Roux Pandora station

Not so much..

1. A/C broken on the subway. Over 100 degrees. Melted like a cherry popsicle in the middle of July.

2. Being homesick every Sunday. So strange. Hits me the hardest Sunday afternoons.

3. Jake and Vienna splitting. I realize this is totally last week's news (or maybe even 2 weeks ago) but the cover of the July 5th People did not make me happy when I read, "Why I left Vienna" in big, bold letters. I followed that season religiously and rooted for Vienna the entire time. Yes, I liked Vienna. I said it. When everyone couldn't stand her, I thought she was the best for him. Well, apparently not. And now all these nasty rumors are out, and I'm thinking she did it for publicity, and I just hate when things don't end happily ever after like the season finale makes it out to be. Womp Womp. Oh well, life goes on. It's just "reality" tv, right? (No, I did not make the picture below, just thought it was a funny Google image result)


  1. great post, love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

  2. really love the blog! I'm so jealous, I've always loved the idea of living in a city that never sleeps. It was realllyy hot in England too today, though it still managed to rain, in the same day! XX

  3. Hey girl - Thanks for the sweet comments and I added your blog to my favorites too :) Have a wonderful day ;) xx's