Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Politics, Schmolitics

I knew what I was getting into. Sure, I've never actually experienced it in the office but I knew it existed. I've been warned a bajillion times by my dad that it exists. It's something you can't escape and get wrapped up in. "IT" is office politics. "It's all about who you know," "CYA," "Don't trust anyone"...I've heard all the advice since my first job working at a smoothie joint. Now, it's the real deal. It's the cliques, social cattiness, and hierarchies I've always thought about and wondered about their existence and how intense it gets. Forewarning: The following text might evolve into a serious venting sesh. So over at X Mag, I work on the way bottom of the totem pole. I'm talking like the foundation the totem pole sits on in the ground. Therefore, I don't have a say, for anything, no matter how small it may be. I'm voiceless.

However, there are others who also hang with me at the most southern part of the pole that feel they have more power and can do as they please. Why? Beats me. But it's pretty irritating to say at the least. There's a bunch of us that are in the same boat, have the same positions, so why must one think she is better than the rest? We're supposed to be working as a team, right? No, that logic is pretty much out the door because it's now the peak of week 3, and the competition is just heating up.
I previously mentioned that I did not have "an in" like the rest and sometimes I feel like that is almost working against me. I didn't have some mutual friend or someone my dad knew hand me the job. At times, I feel like that is creating a problem because I don't have a point person to go to like everyone else. I am just me. Furthermore, those who knew someone receive better treatment, or "special treatment." Our bosses are more casual with them and I get a sense that they trust them more. It's unfair. We're all doing the same kind of work, we all started at the same time (well it's a matter of 3 days apart, big whoop).
On another note, I'm starting to wonder if people ever learned basic manners. I'm talking "Please," "Thank you," "Excuse me," and the like. While I hear those kind words from the gals in my position, rarely do I ever hear anything remotely close to what's polite from those who are above us. Yes, of course we'll do what you want us to do for you but will it really hurt you to say "Please" while asking? I know these people have a heart somewhere inside and are fully capable of using words they learned back in grade school. But no, they consistently just demand things from us in their notoriously snooty tones. Whatever. I'm slowly learning to just suck it up and smile..but of course I still blow off steam with the rest around the lunch table for an hour. I swear, I wouldn't make it through my days if it wasn't for that hour. "Some days you're the pigeon and others you're the statue." Well, I'm pretty positive I'll always be a statue for now, and those above me will be permanent pigeons.

In the meantime...Would You Wear...

Bright red lipstick? Supposedly, this is going to be a big beauty trend come fall along with matching your lips to your outfit...

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