Tuesday, 22 June 2010

On To The Next One

We had a great meeting today in the office. A department wide meeting with an awesome Q & A session. It was informative, inspiring, and refreshing for all who attended. But it also got me thinking a great deal. We discussed a range of things like how long everyone has been at X Mag, the huge web of how everyone is connected, and also what other jobs everyone had prior to X Mag. In a nutshell, everyone interned their butts off and worked their way up. "Okay..." I thought silently to myself..."I'm off to a good start, right?" Well yes and no. Yes, because sure, I love what I do every day and love the people I work with and am building great relationships. But on the other hand, am I 110% positive magazines, more specifically, fashion within a magazine is what I want to do forever and ever? I mean, up until this fork in the road, I've been pretty sure. But after hearing those above me explain their journey that led them to X Mag, I realized they did not consistently work for a magazine.
As a matter of fact, they couldn't stop saying to try new things while you can, and don't stick to one specific area just yet. Here I am, all along, feeling confident knowing that I've had my heart set on working for a magazine, but now (with that quizzical Bradshaw look on my face), I'm thinking, "Am I that passionate about magazines or fashion?" If the answer is fashion (which I don't have an answer at this point hence this post), then I could try on lotsa different hats...fashion PR, trend forecasting, marketing, freelance styling...the list goes on. So all in all, I guess the question I've really got to get to the bottom of is if a job at a magazine is my perfect fit. And I've got time, which is comforting but not a whole lot.
If I plan on staying in NYC indefinitely, I've got to get the ball rolling with July right around the corner. I've got to start handing out my resume like the annoying people who stand outside Dunkin Donuts every morning handing out fliers. But the kicker of this whole shebang is that my first-choice job may not be available. Odds are I won't land my ideal job right away and I'll have to try on those other hats, shoes, whatever. What I'm saying is, I guess I'll have to take whatever I can get at this point, whether it's a mag or a PR company.
But ultimately, that meeting really got me thinking and was a wake up call that said, "Hey! Don't be so narrow minded! There are plenty of options out there." So, even if X Mag can't squeeze me in at the end of all this, I'll be on to the next one, and eventually satisfied wherever I might end up. Variety is the spice of life and the more experience, the better.

In the meantime, I've got my eye on...

A couple of things I've been absolutely loving lately are plain white tees and sequins...separately. But when I spotted this tee on Asos, it caught my eye with the striking combination of the two. Love it.

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