Wednesday, 23 June 2010


My mind is quite scattered right now and I can't focus on a single thing to elaborate on. So I figured I'd leak what's going on up top:

1. Today was a great day in the office. By a great day, I mean a slow day, and by a slow day, I mean my boss wasn't there, meaning I had 4 tabs open completely unrelated to work: Pandora, Facebook, CocoPerez, and Twitter. Ok, so I was sort of task for the day was to find cool, artsy pictures and I did come across some, thanks to links on Twitter and such. I did feel bad for the other gals who were busy bees all day but we simply did not have as much to accomplish. It's not like I don't work my behind off every other day....

2. I totally splurged in the sweets dept. today, One of the girls brought in Magnolia cupcakes and I didn't remember they were in the fridge until I got back from lunch after inhaling fro-yo in the caf (which was topped with loads of chocolate chips and sprinkles) and getting my daily Cherry Jelly Bellies in the news shop. Oh well. Live a little, right? It was delish and well worth the cals.

3. However....feeling a tad guilty for caving for my sweet tooth, I got back on the treadmill after a little week escape. I was doing really well with going last week and then I started making up excuses like being too tired, having a headache, having people to call back, etc. But just when I was going to settle back down on my bed post-dinner tonight, I flipped like a light switch and was in my Nikes before I knew it on my way down to the gym. Motto of the night: Just do it. HA.

4. I'm super excited because I just learned that I have Friday off-whooohoo. 3-day work week. How am I going to spend my Friday? Visit relatives on Long Island? Visit a good friend in Westchester? Lay out in Sheep Meadow? Ehhh...we'll figure that out when it gets here I guess.

5. Also pumped because a few of us from X Mag are gonna check out The Frying Pan tomorrow for din and drinks and are then heading to the Forever 21 Launch Party in Times Square. Should be a good time and fun for all of us to hang outside of the office!

In the meantime, Would You Wear....

A utility/military look dress or skirt? The military look has been around for a bit but with summer in full swing, it's a little more relaxed now without as many buttons and strong shoulders. Khaki has been making a slight comeback and also keep your eyes peeled for dark green, which fits into this trend, and will be a big color come Fall!

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